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Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge Eduardo V. Rodriguez


Bankruptcy Court hearings will be held on a hybrid basis (remote or in person).  Please see the General Orders for information regarding hybrid participation:


 Contact Information

Case Manager

Jeannie Chavez


Courtroom Deputy

Ana Castro


Telephonic Participation: 

Dial-in Telephone number:  1-832-917-1510; Conference Code: 999276

Telephonic and Video Participation: 

Dial-in Telephone number:  1-832-917-1510 Conference Code: 999276

Click here for more information.
Click here to connect to GoToMeeting Video Link

For audio, dial 832-917-1510, Conference Code 999276.

Video and audio connections may ONLY be utilized by parties, creditors, counsel, witnessess, and persons necessary to conduct the hearing pursuant to Bankruptcy Local Rule 9017-1. 

Access by the general public or media is not authorized under Judicial Conference policy.

Photographing, recording, or rebroadcasting any part of a court proceeding is prohibited. 

Parties MUST HAVE TWO SEPARATE DEVICES to appear by video and telephonically.   One device will be used to log on to GoToMeeting and the other will be used to call the telephonic conference line.  


10th Floor Courtroom,  1701 W. Business Hwy 83, McAllen, TX 78501

Public Internet Access available in Bankruptcy Courtroom.  (for public attorney use only)/ Network Name:  Rodriguez_Crt_AW;  Password:  erodriguez_crt


Courtroom #5, 600 E. Harrison Street, Brownsville, TX  78520

Public Internet Access available in Bankruptcy Courtroom.  (for public attorney use only)/ Network Name:  Bankruptcy_Crt_AW;  Password:  bkruptcy_crt


Courtroom #402, 515 Rusk Avenue, Houston, TX  77002

Public Internet Access available in Bankruptcy Courtroom 402.  (for public attorney use only) /  ERodriguez_Crt_AW; Password:  erodriguez_crt.

Chapter 11 Forms  
Form No. Form Name Last Revised PDF  Word  Excel
Subchapter V Forms
(Forms are currently only authorized for use in Chief Judge Rodriguez's Court but are not mandatory)
Form No. Form Name Last Revised PDF  Word  Excel
  Witness & Exhibit List    
11-101 Confirmation Agenda May 1, 2024  
11-102 Attorney Proffer May 1, 2024  
11-103 Ballot Summary May 1, 2024  
11-104 Debtor Proffer § 1191(a) May 1, 2024  
11-105 Confirmation Order § 1191(a) May 1, 2024  
11-106 Debtor Proffer § 1191(b) May 1, 2024  
11-107 Confirmation Order § 1191(b) May 1, 2024  
11-108 Demonstrative MORs May 1, 2024  
11-109 Financial Projections May 1, 2024  
11-110 Liquidation Analysis May 1, 2024  
Court Procedures for Judge Rodriguez
Court Procedures for Judge Rodriguez (PDF)  (Updated November 01,  2023)
Bankruptcy Local Rules (PDF)
Bankruptcy Forms & Rules Home Page
Available Hearing Dates for Self-Calendaring
Hearing Dates for McAllen
Hearing Dates for Brownsville
Hearing Dates for Houston
Chapter 13 Trustees

Yvonne V Valdez, Chapter 13 Trustee
555 N. Carancahua, Ste. 600
Corpus Christi, TX 78401-0823
Phone: (361) 883-5786
Fax: (361) 888-4126

Tiffany D. Castro, Chapter 13 Trustee
Phone (713) 722-1200
Fax (713) 722-1211
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