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CM/ECF NextGen

Go-Live Date July 19, 2021

On July 19th the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas will be implementing a new version of the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) System. The new system is titled "NextGen".  NextGen simplifies electronic filing by combining ECF and PACER accounts into a single account.  Be prepared by learning the benefits, staying informed, and following the instructions below.

Bankruptcy CM/ECF and PACER for this district will be unavailable beginning at 6:00PM (US Central) on Thursday, 15 July, until some time Sunday, 18 July in order for this new software to be installed and configured.

Benefits of NextGen for the CM/ECF Filer

NextGen simplifies electronic filing by combining your CM/ECF and PACER accounts into a single Central Sign-On account. Through the PACER website, this single Central Sign-On account gives registered filers access to view documents in PACER and electronically file in all NextGen courts in which they have permission to file. Click here to access the PACER website.
Note: Not all courts have implemented NextGen CM/ECF. If you file in courts that have not converted to NextGen, you must continue to use that court's CM/ECF login and password until they implement NextGen CM/ECF. Click here to see the status for courts.

CM/ECF Filers: What to do before NextGen July 19, 2021

Attorneys must obtain their own PACER account or upgrade an existing individual PACER account . Your PACER account is your login to CM/ECF, and therefore you MUST have your own individual PACER account. E-filing attorneys are not be able to use shared PACER accounts. Please click the PACER link below for more information regarding how to upgrade your existing PACER account or how to register for a new PACER account. After upgrading or obtaining your PACER account, you must then link your PACER account to your current CM/ECF account. Linking instructions can be found within the PACER tab below.

Registering for PACER

Registering for PACER: 

If you do not have an individual PACER account, you will need to register for a new account through PACER services. Each attorney/limited user must have his/her own individual PACER account. Shared PACER accounts will no longer be useable once the court has upgraded.

Upgrade Your Existing PACER Account

Upgrading Your Existing PACER Account: 

If you have your own individual PACER account and it was created prior to August 11, 2014 (also known as a Legacy account), you must upgrade your account before you can electronically file in a NextGen court. Click here to view instructions on how to Upgrade your Existing PACER Account.

Linking Your Existing PACER Account

Linking Your Existing PACER Account: 

Prior to filing, you must link your upgraded PACER account to your CM/ECF filing account. After linking your CM/ECF filing account to your PACER account, you will then use your PACER account when filing documents with the court. This may be referred to as your Central Sign-On account. Click here to view instructions on how to Link your Existing PACER Account.

Firm Billing

Firm Billing: 

The PACER Service Center has developed a consolidated billing and online account process for groups to manage and pay for all charges associated with multiple PACER accounts. Click here for information on a PACER Administrative Account (PAA).