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Ordering Transcripts

Court Reporting and Electronic Court Recording Services


Proceedings before district judges in the Southern District of Texas are either reported by official court reporters or they are digitally recorded by electronic recording operators (ERO). All proceedings before magistrate judges and bankruptcy judges are digitally recorded.

"No transcripts of the proceedings of the court shall be considered as official except those made from the records certified by the reporter or other individual designated [by the court] to produce the record." 28 U.S.C. Section 753(b)

General Information

ECF filing users may e-file their transcript request electronically through CM/ECF. Non-attorneys may file their transcript request with the clerk's office by mail, fax - (713) 250-5937, or email Contact the Clerk's Office at (713) 250-5500 for any questions regarding transcript or CD requests.
Placing orders early in the day facilitates same-day processing.

DO NOT send someone to pick up transcript until you have been notified by court personnel, not the transcription service, that the transcript is ready for pick up.

DEPOSITS:  Deposits required for digitally recorded court proceedings will be the full cost of hearing requested.  It is payable to the transcription service of your choice.  See Rates and Contact Information for Transcription Services (by division) for a complete listing of transcription services/rates to choose from.

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPTS:  If only a portion of a proceeding is being ordered, specify exactly what material is to be transcribed.  Be sure this information is very clear.

COPY TRANSCRIPTS:  Your order will be processed by the transcription service/court reporter that prepared the original transcript.

Instructions for Ordering Transcripts

It is the responsibility of the ordering party to ensure the correctness of all transcript orders. Clerk's office employees will assist you as needed, but are not responsible for the correctness of your order form.  Please read all instructions carefully.

Information Required to Place an Order
Transcript Order Forms
Rates and Contact Information for Transcription Services 
Rates and Contact Information for Court Reporters 
Financial Arrangements
Ordering Duplicate CDs or Tapes of Electronically Recorded Court Proceedings
Transcript Order Cancellations
Judicial Conference Transcript Policy
           - Frequently Asked Questions
           - Sample Statement of Redaction