Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – SDTX Related Orders and Courthouse Statuses (Updated 9/17/2020)

Please visit this link to view all SDTX COVID-19 Related Orders and Courthouse Statuses

The court continues to do its job. But to the extent we can, we also continue to minimize the need for our employees, the lawyers, or the litigants to come into the courthouses. Some of the steps taken to minimize in-person appearances include deferring any non-essential in-court appearances or having them occur by telephone or video conference.

The clerks’ office has a much-reduced staff, enough to keep up with processing the mail and with intake needs. Docketing and most other tasks are being handled remotely.

The bankruptcy judges have invoked their Protocol for Emergency Public Health or Safety Conditions and agreed to conduct most hearings by telephone or video conference, rather than bring attorneys or their clients into the courthouses. Chief Bankruptcy Judge Jones has also authorized the use of alternative means (telephone or video) to conduct certain meetings between attorneys and their clients that are otherwise required to be in person.

At bottom, we will do our jobs. We will provide the services we are obligated to provide. But thanks to our IT staffs, we can do much of this work remotely.

The links to the District and Magistrate Judges, Bankruptcy Judges, and Juror web pages include contact information.


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