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United States Bankruptcy Judge Christopher M. Lopez

Contact Information
Case Manager Rosario Saldana
(713) 250-5645
Courtroom Deputy Zilde Martinez (713) 250-5228
Houston: Courtroom 401, 515 Rusk, Houston, TX 77002
Victoria: 312 S. Main, Victoria, TX 77901
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Telephonic Participation
Dial-in Telephone No: 832-917-1510
Conference Code: 590153

Video Participation
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Audio connections by phone are required for all video participants.

Conference Wifi for Houston
SSID: Lopez_Crt_AW Password: clopez_crt


Available Hearing Dates for Self-Calendaring
Motions for Relief from Stay
Claim Objections
Local Rules
Bankruptcy Local & Federal Rules
Chapter 13 Trustee Information
David G. Peake
Tiffany Castro
Yvonne V. Valdez

Judge Lopez's Interactive Bankruptcy Court Calendar