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United States Bankruptcy Judge Karen K. Brown

Address Location
U.S. Courthouse
515 Rusk Avenue
Houston, TX 77002
Courtroom 403, 4th floor
Case Manager's E-Mail Address Telephone Numbers Secretary 713-250-5250
  Case Manager 713-250-5445
  Relief courtroom deputy 713-250-5924
Court Procedures for Judge Brown (revised 07/01/14)
Complex Chapter 11 Information
Designated Complex Chapter 11 Cases
Submission of Proposed Agendas
Individual Complex Case Tentative Scheduling Dates
Individual Complex Case Proposed Hearing Agendas
Self-Calendar Hearings
Motions For Relief From Stay Available Dates
Fee Applications (Fee App. Cover Sheet) Available Dates
Claim Objections Available Dates
Adversary, Initial Status hearing Available Dates
Miscellaneous Motions Available Dates
Electronic Case Filing (ECF)
Information on Electronic Case Filing System
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