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United States District Judge Fernando Rodriguez, Jr.


Case-Related Contact

Balvina Espinoza, Case Manager
United States District Clerk
600 East Harrison, Suite 101
Brownsville, Texas 78520-7114
Direct No.: (956) 548-2756
District Clerk’s Office: (956) 548-2500

Chambers Contacts  

Adalia Mora, Judicial Assistant
Chambers of Judge Fernando Rodriguez, Jr.
United States Courthouse
600 East Harrison St., #301
Brownsville, Texas 78520
(956) 548-2755

Rosalinda D’Venturi, Deputy-In-Charge
United States Courthouse
600 East Harrison St., #101
Brownsville, TX 78520
(956) 548-2500

Craig P. Smith
Career Law Clerk

Wilfred 'Coley' Navarro
Law Clerk

Forms on Civil Cases MS Word: Adobe PDF:
1. Civil Procedures view view
2. Order Setting Conference view view
3. Preliminary Scheduling Order view view
4. Joint Discovery/Case Management Plan view view
5. Scheduling Order view view
6. Required Contents of the Joint Pretrial view view
7. Exhibit List view view
8. Witness List view view
9. Courtroom Etiquette view view
Forms on Criminal Procedures MS Word: Adobe PDF:
1. Criminal Procedures view view
2. Exhibit List view view
3. Witness List view view
4. Courtroom Etiquette view view

District Judge Rodriguez's Interactive Court Calendar