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United States Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey P. Norman

Contact Information
Case Manager Mario Rios
(713) 250-5393
Courtroom Deputy Tracey Conrad (713) 250-5772
Galveston: 7th Floor Courtroom, 601 Rosenberg St. Galveston, TX 77550
Houston: Courtroom 403, 515 Rusk, Houston, TX 77002
Courtroom Procedures
Notice to Pro Se Litigants
The Court Requires Most Applications, Motions and Objections to be Self-Calendared.


           Due to the rise of COVID-19 the ability to appear in person for hearings or trial is suspended until September 8, 2020.


Video Participation or Conference ID 595-121-317

Audio Participation
1 (712) 770-8095
Conference Code 159497

Audio connections by phone are required for all video participants.



Chapter 13 Panels will proceed with a time change as indicated on the Court’s website. Time changes for all cases will be finalized on the Court’s website by noon, the day proceeding the scheduled hearing. Hearing times will be set every 15 minutes, called by attorney last name, panel dates will remain unchanged.

Hearing times are available below.

Counsel for the debtor or any objecting creditor may appear in person or are encouraged to participate electronically by video and audio. Debtor(s) shall not appear by video but may participate by an audio connection (telephone only).

In addition to the requirements of Bankruptcy Local Rule 9013-1, exhibits must be filed on CM/ECF in advance of the hearing. Each exhibit must be filed as a separate attachment to the Exhibit List. The Court will review the exhibits from CM/ECF. Exhibits must be offered into evidence by reference to the CM/ECF docket number of the filed exhibit.


Local Rules
Bankruptcy Local & Federal Rules
Chapter 13 Trustee Information
William E. Heitkamp
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