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Information Required to Place an Order

You will need the following information to place a transcript order. If your records are incomplete, you must review the case docket sheet before ordering transcripts.

1. Complete case number
2. Case name/style
3. Judicial official (judge or magistrate) who heard the proceeding(s)
4. Specific date(s) of the proceeding(s) to be transcribed as well as the type of proceeding(s); i.e.,
    10/9/92 - hearing, 10/15/92 - rearraignment, 12/14/92 - sentencing
5. If you want only a portion of a court proceeding transcribed, identify clearly the material you
    require; i.e., direct testimony of witness John Doe, August 17, 1990
6. Date notice of appeal was filed, if the transcript is ordered for a case in the Fifth Circuit
7. Whether the proceedings were reported by a court reporter or digitally recorded
8. The court reporter's name, if one was in attendance. This information is reflected on the docket
    sheet at the entry for the particular proceeding. Do not call the judge!
If hearing was digitally recorded by an ERO, please select a transcription service of your choice from the complete listing of transcription services.