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United States Magistrate Judge Andrew M. Edison


Chambers Contact

United States Courthouse
601 Rosenberg, Seventh Floor
Galveston, TX 77550
Telephone: (409) 766-3729
Fax: (409) 766-3738

Case Manager

William Bostic
Telephone: (409) 766-3555
Fax: (409) 766-3549

View Judge Edison's Court Procedures (in PDF format)
View Initial Discovery Protocols For Employment Cases Alleging Adverse Action (in PDF format)
View Initial Discovery Protocols For Fair Labor Standards Act (in PDF format)
View Initial Discovery Protocols For First-Party Insurance Property Damage Cases (in PDF format)
View FLSA Conditional Certification Notice (in PDF format)
View Standing Protective Order (in PDF format)
View Consent to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge (in PDF format)
Magistrate Court Criminal Forms



Waiver of an Indictment   view
Waiver of Appearance at Arraignment view  
Waiver of Detention Hearing view  
Waiver of Detention - Spanish view  
Waiver of Preliminary Hearing   view
Waiver of Rule 5 & 5.1 Hearings  (Charged in Another District) (Identity, Preliminary and/or Detention)   view
Waiver of Rule 32.1 Hearings (Violation of Probation or Supervised Release) (Identity, Preliminary and/or Detention)   view