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United States Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur - Electronic Appearance Links

Case NUMBER CASE NAME Case Number Case Name
Case 16-32202 Ultra Petroleum Corp. (2016)  Case 16-34028 Northstar Offshore Group
Case 17-30560 Vanguard Natural Resources Case 17-31646 Montco Offshore 
Case 17-32186 Uplift RX LLC Case 17-36709 Cobalt International Energy, Inc.
Case 18-30167 EXCO Services, Inc. Case 18-31274 iHeart Media, Inc.
Case 18-32106 Erin Energy Corporation Case 18-32179 Store It REIT
Case 18-32459 Truespec Energy Products, Inc. Case 18-33836 Neighbors Legacy Holdings, Inc.
Case 18-36960 Anachoreta, Inc. Case 19-30495 Burkhalter Rigging, Inc.
Case 19-31087 Weatherly Oil and Gas, LLC Case 19-33401 Legacy Reserves Operating LP
Case 19-34508 Sanchez Energy Corporation Case 19-35133 Alta Mesa Resources, Inc.
Case 19-35654 EP Energy Corporation Case 19-36444 Approach Resources, Inc.
Case 19-50026 Westwind Manor Resort Association, Inc. Case 20-30336 McDermott International, Inc.
Case 20-30967 Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Co. Case 20-30968 Watson Valve Services, Inc.
Case 20-30982 American Commercial Lines Case 20-31849 Marx Steel, LLC
Case 20-31884 Sheridan Holding Company I, LLC Case 20-31973 CARBO Ceramics, Inc.
Case 20-32167 Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc. Case 20-32243 Speedcast International Limited
Case 20-32437 Permico Midstream Partners Holdings, LLC Case 20-32487 Victerra Energy Holding Co., LLC
Case 20-32519 Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC Case 20-32631 Ultra Petroleum Corp. (2020)
Case 20-32643 ENTREC Corporation Case 20-33072 AllSaints USA Limited
Case 20-33109 Juniper Specialty Products LLC Case 20-33163 CEC Entertainment, Inc.
Case 20-33193 Sable Permian Resources, LLC Case 20-33274 Lilis Energy, Inc.
Case 20-32656 Gavilan Resources, LLC Case 20-33605 Bruin E&P Partners, LLC
Case 20-33627 BJ Services, LLC Case 20-33752 California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
Case 20-33768 Mood Media Corporation Case 20-33826 Noble Corporation plc
Case 20-33900 Tailored Brands, Inc. Case 20-33918 Benevis Corp.
Case 20-33948 Fieldwood Energy LLC Case 20-34037 Remora Petroleum, L.P.
Case 20-34114 Valaris plc Case 20-34215 Arena Energy, LP
Case 20-34306 SAExploration Holdings, Inc. Case 20-34771 Oasis Petroleum Inc.
Case 20-34791 Q'Max Solutions Inc. Case 20-34868 PizzaExpress Financing 2 PLC
Case 20-34879 Eagle Pipe, LLC Case 20-35587 Banner Resources LLC
Case 20-35599 Aztec/Shaffer, LLC (Closed) Case 20-35600 ASAIG, LLC
Case 20-35623 Rock International Investment Inc. Case 20-35740 Seadrill Partners LLC
Case 20-35812 Superior Energy Services, Inc. Case 21-30354 Frontera Holdings LLC
Case 21-30574 Country Fresh Holding Company Inc. Case 21-30630 Belk, Inc.
Case 21-30710 Castex Energy 2005 Holdco, LLC Case 21-30823 Just Energy Group Inc.
Case 21-30923 Griddy Energy LLC Case 21-31070 Entrust Energy, Inc.
Case 21-31784 OFS International, LLC Case 21-31948 Washington Prime Group Inc.
Case 21-32155 Buckingham Senior Living Case 21-32156 Agilon Energy Holdings II LLC
Case 21-32292 NB Loft Vue DST Case 21-32351 Limetree Bay Services, LLC
Case 21-90015 ORG GC Mido, LLC Case 21-90017 Carlson Travel, Inc.
Case 21-90054 Strike, LLC Case 22-30987 ION Geophysical Corporation
Case 22-50009 4E Brands Northamerica LLC Case 22-90032 GWG Holdings, Inc.
Case 22-90035 HONX, Inc. Case 22-90039 Cypress Environmental Partners, L.P.
Case 22-90054 Talen Energy Supply, LLC Case 22-90126 LaForta - Gestao e Investmentos
Case 22-90130 Altera Infrastructure L.P. Case 22-90168 Cineworld Group plc
Case 22-90273 Compute North Holdings, Inc. Case 22-90291 Pipeline Health System, LLC
Case 22-90323 Montrose Multifamily Members, LLC Case 23-90005 Party City Holdco Inc.
Case 23-90069 Chestnut Ridge Associates LLC Case 23-90291 National CineMedia, LLC
Case 23-90295 Athenex, Inc. Case 23-90602 Diebold Holding Company, Inc.
Case 23-90611 Wesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc. Case 23-90614 Genesis Care Pty Limited
Case 23-90716 Instant Brands Acquisition Holdings Inc. Case 23-90739 Alpine Summit Energy Partners, Inc.
Case 23-90761 Condor Inversiones SpA Case 23-90794 Barretts Minerals Inc.
Case 23-90088 Avaya Inc. and Sierra Asia Pacific Inc. Case 23-90886 Air Methods Corporation
Case 23-90901 Anagram Holdings, LLC Case 24-90001 Acclivity Ancillary Services LLC
Case 24-90059 Flo-Back Equipment Inc. Case 24-90061 Hornblower Holdings LLC
Case 24-90165 CURO Group Holdings Corp. Case 24-90377 Zachry Holdings, Inc.
Case 24-90411 The Spot at Anderson, LLC