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Requirements for Payment of Attorney Services

Requirements for Payment of Attorney Services

1. Completed Appointment of Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel form (CJA Voucher).

2. Worksheet with explanation of time and services rendered. Time must be calculated in tenths of an hour.

3. Receipts or invoices for expenses over $50.00.

4. Submission must be made no later than 45 days after the final disposition of the case, unless good cause is shown.

5. Claims in excess of the statutory case limitation must be submitted with a detailed letter to the presiding judge supporting counsel's claim that representation was provided in a complex or extended case and that the excess claimed was necessary to provide proper representation.

6. CJA 21 (Expert Services) and CJA 31 (Death Penalty - Expert Services) must attach a copy of order authorizing service when filing vouchers.