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Request for Public Comment on Proposed Bankruptcy Local Rule 1020

In November, 2008, the Court published proposed procedures for administration of complex bankruptcy cases; the Court received comments from the public through December 31, 2008. On January 15, 2009, after consideration of public comment, the United States Bankruptcy Court adopted modifications suggested in comments received and the Court adopted new Procedures for Complex Cases. Those amended procedures are on the Court's website at . Although use of these procedures is not mandated until final adoption of the local rule, each of the Judges intends to implement the policies and guidance of the new procedures by utilizing the procedures, effective immediately and each of the judges encourages use of these procedures. Because the procedures were recommended by the bar, discussed at a bench/bar conference, and published for public comment in 2008, the Court concludes that an extended period for notice of proposed amendment to the local rules is not necessary.

This is formal notice that the Court intends to modify Local Rule 1020 to read as follows:

"Procedures for the administration of complex cases are governed by the Procedures for Complex Cases as posted on the Court's website. Those procedures govern the extent to which the Texas Procedures for Complex Chapter 11 Cases (also posted on the Court's website) apply."

Proposed amended Local Rule 1020 is now open for public comment. The Court will receive comments through February 10, 2009. If no material adverse public comments are received by that date, the amended local rule will become effective on February 15, 2009, you will be notified of the amendment of the local rules. The use of the new procedures will then be mandatory.

Anyone who wants to comment on the proposed rule change must deliver an email or a letter addressed to the Court by February 10, 2009. The address for emails is . Letters may be sent to Jane Ekdall, Judicial Assistant to Chief Judge Wesley Steen, PO Box 61010, Houston, TX, 77208-1010.