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Electronic Filing and PACER Access Temporarily Unavailable

Due to a network service problem, attorneys and the public are temporarily unable to connect to our CM/ECF system to file or view cases and documents.

The service provider and staff from the Courts are working to resolve this problem, but we do not yet have an expected time. We hope that this interruption of service will end this morning.

The District Court's Administrative Procedures governing electronic filing state (at section 11):
A Filing User whose electronic filing is or would be made untimely as a result of a technical failure may seek appropriate relief from the presiding Judge in the case.

The Bankruptcy Court's Administrative Procedures governing electronic filing state ((at section III.A.12):
If there is a technical failure of the Court's System which renders it inaccessible to an Electronic Filer on the last day prescribed under any applicable rule or court order for the timely filing of a document, such prescribed period shall be extended until the end of the next business day after access to the System has been restored.

Practice Note: Parties should be aware that the Authorizing Court may lack authority to relieve a party from the operation of any applicable statute of limitations based on teh unavailability of the Court's System. In such event, alternative filing means should be utilized in a timely manner.

If you have questions, please contact our Help Desk at 713-250-5500.