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Courtroom Technology

The new courtroom technologies play a very important role in our court proceedings. The benefits will allow for the presentation of evidence in different multi-media formats, plus the ability to annotate these items, and will allow the attorney the flexibility to exercise different options in presenting their evidence to the court.

Judge Marmolejo uses the Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) to capture evidence electronically during a trial and provides evidence presentation equipment to any member of the bar practicing within the Southern District of Texas that appears before her. Information on the system can be reviewed, below:

Jury Evidence Recording System

The presentation overviews introduced the new courtroom presentation technologies currently installed to attorneys and members of Federal Bar Association for purposes of presenting evidence to the court. These overviews involved a power point presentation combined with demonstrations of each technology discussed. The following presentations are available:



Courtroom Technology Presentations (click to view)
Courtroom Technology, Laredo Division.pdf