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CM/ECF Version 3.2 Upgrade Announcement

District CM/ECF and PACER will be down from 9:30 Saturday, April 26 to about noon Sunday, April 27, 2008 as we upgrade to version 3.2 over the weekend of April 26, 2008.

Summary of new features:

  • Cascading Menus - Lists of reports and events will appear when you move your mouse over the blue tool bar at the top of the ECF screens.
  • Viewing Multiple Documents and PDF Docket Reports - Options in the Docket Report screens will allow you to combine dockets and documents into one large document that can be printed together.
  • One Character Searches - The selection screens for filing events allow searches on the lists of options. Be careful! Clicking on one item from a list of filing events adds that item to a list that will be entered on the docket. Check the list of events that you have selected before clicking "Next" on the selection screens for filing documents!
  • Enhancements - Payments can now be made by balance transfer from a bank account.
  • Displaying Document Paths - The final screen in the docketing process will display the name and path of any documents that you are submitting
  • Universal Event Search - A new Search feature allows you to search from all categories for a given filing event.
  • Cross Document Hyperlinks - A document describing this feature in greater detail has been provided.

The Court has prepared a 9-minute video demonstrating some of the changes and new features in the 3.2 upgrade.

Bankruptcy CM/ECF will not be affected by these changes. An upgrade to the Bankruptcy system that will include many of the same features is planned for summer, 2008.

If you have questions about the ECF or PACER systems in the Southern District of Texas, please call our help desk, toll free, at 713-250-5507.