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CJA eVoucher Tips

Appointments Prior to eVoucher

If you log in to eVoucher and find that a case on which you were appointed (but for which you have not yet submitted a final voucher) under the Criminal Justice Act isn't listed among your appointments, you may submit a list of missing active representations to . We will set up the representation in eVoucher, and you will then be able to record your service and expense information and perform other actions in the system for that case.

We cannot accept paper vouchers any longer. All payments must be processed through eVoucher. Attorneys concerned about very involved, ongoing representations should contact us by email. We will assist with the transition to electronic vouchers.

Acceptable Browsers

Windows Internet Explorer 8 or newer. Compatibility must be set to include the eVoucher System webpage in some versions of Internet Explorer.  Select the Compatibility View option from the Tools menu (or the gear-shaped icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser), then click the Add this website button.

Apple Mac (OSX) Safari 5.1 or newer

Apple Mobile (iOS) Safari is approved (with limitations)

Chrome, Firefox and other browsers will not operate properly with eVoucher.

Windows 10 users should be aware that the default browser in that operating system, Microsoft Edge, does not work with eVoucher. Windows 10 includes Internet Explorer 11, however, and IE 11 works once the compability view mode has been set as discussed above.

Attorney and Firm Mailing Address/Phone number

Make sure your contact information is always current in eVoucher. Court staff may need to contact you with questions about an appointment, and will look in eVoucher for contact information.

The eVoucher contact profile includes a spot for both ‘Phone’ and ‘Cell phone’. However, only the number in the ‘Phone’ field appears on the voucher.

Attorneys can update their mailing addresses and phone numbers in the Profile. From the Home page in eVoucher, follow the ‘My Profile’ link.

Billing Information

The Panel Attorney is responsible for entering and maintaining their Billing Information in eVoucher, including adding the Social Security Number or EIN. The Court is not able to see the entire SSN/EIN, only the last 4 digits. Treasury requires your personal SSN even if you use the EIN of your firm to process payment. W2s will be issued under the SSN for attorneys who choose “self-employed” in their billing information, or under the firm EIN for attorneys who choose “firm” in that section.

Attorneys should verify their billing address (and the billing address of their firm, if the firm will be the payee) for accuracy.  CJA disbursement checks are mailed from the U.S. Treasury to the attorney at the address in the Billing Information section of the attorney’s Profile.

To update your billing information, from the Home page follow the ‘My Profile’ link.

Changing Your Password

From the Home page, follow the 'My Profile' link. That will take you to a screen that provides your Login Info.

If you forget your password, there is a "Forgot your login?' link on the eVoucher login screen that will help you recover it.

Save Early, Save Often

We strongly recommend that you save your entries on each screen, before advancing to the next screen, to prevent loss of data. The eVoucher program has no automatic save function, and only recognizes ‘action’ items as system activity - such as clicking the Save button. Your session in eVoucher may periodically time out for security purposes. In addition, if your computer crashes or your Internet connection is interrupted, you may unsaved work.

Yellow Highlighted Item in Inbox

An entry in ‘My Active Documents’ appearing highlighted in yellow means the voucher has been rejected by the Court. Counsel will also receive an e-mail via eVoucher with an explanation. Court staff will provide details about the rejection in the Attorney Notes section at the bottom of the Confirmation page.

Error Regarding Dates

If you receive either of the following errors, navigate to the Claim Status section of the voucher.

Error messsages:

  • The date of this voucher is before the Appointment Date.
  • Service and/or Expenses are out of the Voucher Start and End Dates.

When you create a new voucher, the system automatically inserts the current date in the Start and End dates on the Claim Status screen. You should change the start date appearing on the that page to the beginning of the period for which you are seeking compensation. This is the earliest date for which claims can be submitted. The end date should be the final date on which expenses relative to the appointment were incurred. To resolve the errors above, verify that claims on the Services and Expenses sections do not fall outside of the date range on the Claim Status page. If you are not able to resolve the error, contact the Court.

NOTE: If 01/01/1901 appears as the date when you check the box for "I certifiy" in submitting a voucher or request for authorization, that is a temporary glitch. The date will be corrected automatically when you click on the Approve button.

CM/ECF Connection Through eVoucher

eVoucher can be connected to CM/ECF to allow the attorney to search the docket.  While working in eVoucher, attorneys may wish to query the docket to confirm the date of a court proceeding, the length of time in court, the defendant number, the charge, etc.  To establish the eVoucher-CM/ECF connection, the first time a panel attorney logs into eVoucher, navigate to the ‘Login Info’ in the Profile.  Edit the record.  In the CM/ECF boxes, enter the CM/ECF Username and Password.  Click the ‘validate’ button.  The message will change from ‘CM/ECF Access is NOT validated’  to ‘CM/ECF Access is linked.’

How to Save a Voucher

If you would like to save a completed voucher for your personal records, you may do so by going to the information screen for that voucher in the eVoucher system, and choosing the Form link under the Reports box at the lower left side of the screen. That link will produce a PDF file with the completed voucher or authorization form, and display that in a new browser window. You may then print or save that document.

If you want a detailed breakdown of the time and expenses recorded on your vouchers, the Attorney Time report will allow you to choose a case and produce a printable or saveable report with that information.