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Bankruptcy Court Adopts New Rules and Forms - Effective January 24, 2011

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas has adopted new rules and forms. These new rules and forms were adopted by the Court after receipt of public comment and considerable deliberation by the Court.

The changes are summarized as follows:

1. A number of the Bankruptcy Local Rules are changed effective January 24, 2011, including BLR 1009, 2002, 2003, 3015, 4001 and 9013. A redlined version of the rules as well as the revised rules are available for your review.

2. A new Uniform Motion to Amend Confirmed Chapter 13 Plan to Satisfy Recently Filed, Timely Proofs of Claim has been approved. The new form is available for immediate use. Please use the newly created ECF event code (Amend Plan for Recent Claims) when entering this motion on the court's docket.

3. Changes to the Standard Fixed Fee Agreement form and a new Non Standard Fixed Fee Agreement form have been approved for immediate use. While the standard fixed fee agreement ECF event code remains the same (Chapter 13 Fixed Fee Agreement) a new event code (Chapter 13 Fixed Fee Agreement - Non Standard) has been created for the non standard form.