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Attorney Admissions Membership Renewal Instructions

Members of the bar must reapply every five years from the date of admission. There is a $25.00 renewal fee. Attorneys employed by an agency of the United States, the Federal Public Defender or the Texas Attorney General are exempt from paying the renewal fee. One month prior to your membership expiration, a notice will be sent to you notifying you of the deadline to renew and providing you with a miscellaneous case number identifying your electronic attorney admission record, which is maintained in District CM/ECF.

Membership renewals are completed electronically through District CM/ECF. Attorneys admitted to the bar of this Court, as well as those admitted pro hac vice, are required to register as Filing Users of the Court’s Electronic Filing System. If you are not a registered user, then you must become one before renewing your membership. Information on how to become a Filing User can be found on our website at CM/ECF NextGen Information.

To renew, you must log into District CM/ECF, and

1. Update your District CM/ECF user account information or confirm the information is accurate. To review and update your account, go to Utilities > Your Account, and select the appropriate link to update and submit any necessary changes, including your address, phone number, or email address. For detailed instructions on updating your user account, see the User Manual for Electronic Filing found on our website on the Attorney Admissions page.

2. File your renewal and pay your renewal fee by docketing one of the following Renewal events in the miscellaneous case that contains your electronic attorney admission record. Your miscellaneous case number can be found on your notice to renew. NOTE: You will be prompted while docketing the renewal to pay the $25 renewal fee using

a. Civil > Attorney Admissions > Admissions > Renewal.
Use this event if you have had no new disciplinary actions since your admission. You do not need to attach any documents.

b. Civil > Attorney Admissions > Admissions > Renewal With Disciplinary Action (SEALED).
Use this event if after your admission to the bar of this court you have been (a) disciplined by a bar or a court; or (b) convicted of a serious crime as defined in Rule 2.A. of the Rules of Discipline. You must attach a description of the discipline(s) and/or convictions(s) and attach a copy of the final disposition for each.
Note: This event is sealed. Once docketed, the docket entry and any attachments are not available to the public or other CM/ECF users.

c. If you attempt to docket one of the renewal events, and you get a message stating your membership has expired, then you must docket the following event instead:
Civil > Attorney Admissions > Admissions > Request for Renewal After Expiration (SEALED).
IMPORTANT: Use this event only if you are unable to docket the appropriate renewal events in item a or b and you failed to renew before the expiration of your membership. You must attach a brief letter explaining the lapse in membership and requesting reinstatement. Your letter will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the decision and provided further instructions, if necessary.
Note: This event is sealed. Once docketed, the docket entry and any attachments are not available to the public or other CM/ECF users.