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United States Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur

Contact Information
Case Manager Anita Dolezel
(713) 250-5421
Houston: Courtroom 404, 515 Rusk, Houston, TX 77002
Brownsville: Courtroom 5, 600 East Harrison Street, Brownsville, TX 78520
McAllen: Visiting Judge's Courtroom (Suite 820), 1701 W. Business Hwy 83, McAllen, Texas 78501
Court Procedures for Judge Isgur
Court Procedures for Judge Isgur (PDF)

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The new interactive Bankruptcy Court calendar may omit hearings that have been scheduled and may include hearings that have been cancelled.  You should always rely only on official notices from the Court.  Please check the docket sheet to determine the accuracy of the new interactive Bankruptcy Court calendar.

Judge Isgur’s schedule for the next two weeks is below. 

This two week schedule is the calendar utilized by the Court.

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New Chapter 13 Procedures
Chapter 13 Procedures in PDF Format (PDF)
Education Seminar Presentation (PDF)
New Lift Stay Procedures
Lift Stay Procedures
Educational Seminar Presentation (PDF)
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Stone Energy Corporation
Companion DX Reference LAB, LLC
Rotary Drilling Tools USA, LLC
Warren Resources, Inc.
RAAM Global Energy Company
Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations, LLC
Petroleum Products and Services, Inc.
Juniper GTL, LLC
Goodrich Petroleum Corporation
Ultra Petroleum Corp.
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