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Attorney Admissions Requirements

ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION: A lawyer applying for admission to the bar of this court must be licensed to practice law by the licensing authority of one of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, or a territory of the United States, and if licensed by a licensing authority other than the State of Texas, then an attorney must also be a member in good standing of a United States district court. The attorney shall file an application on a form prescribed by the court, accompanied by payment of the fee set by order of the court. Local Rule 83.1.A,C, S.D. Texas. Download the Application Form.

Each application for admission filed with the clerk shall be accompanied by:

1. Payment of $181.00. Attorneys employed by an agency of the United States, the Federal Public Defender or the Texas Attorney General are exempt from paying the fee.

2. A copy of your state bar card.

3.  If applicable, a Certificate of Good Standing (not more than 90 days old) from another federal court.

4. If applicable, an executed Oath (not more than 30 days old). (See Document Required page of Application Form).

WORKSHOP: After an application has been submitted and approved, the attorney will be required to attend a workshop held by the court before being admitted. Applicants residing in the Houston and Galveston divisions must attend a workshop in Houston. Applicants residing in other divisions may attend a workshop in any division.

Workshops are generally held on the second Thursday of February, May, August and November. To guarantee admittance to a workshop, your application must be received 14 days prior to the workshop.

The following are exempt from attendance at a workshop:

a. Applicants who have reached the age of seventy.

b. Applicants who reside out of the district and are members of the bar of another United States district court who have provided a Certificate of Good Standing from that court, and an executed Oath.

c. Former circuit, district, bankruptcy and magistrate judges.

d. Applicants who are Texas State Bar members who have completed the current Federal Court Practice Seminar (an online CLE offered by the State Bar of Texas) and provide proof that they completed the course with their application.

NOTE: Care should be taken to furnish in detail ALL information requested on the form of the application. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant without processing.


Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications and pay the fee using our CM/ECF Document Filing System by following these instructions.

Applications, including a check in the amount of $181.00 payable to Clerk, US District Court, can also be mailed to:

Attn.: Attorney Admissions
P.O. Box 61010
Houston, Texas 77208

Clerk of Court
Southern District of Texas



Members of the bar must reapply every five years from the date of admission. There is a $25.00 renewal fee. Attorneys employed by an agency of the United States, the Federal Public Defender or the Texas Attorney General are exempt from paying the renewal fee. The attorney admission records for the Southern District of Texas are maintained in the District CM/ECF database. Renewals can be submitted electronically through District CM/ECF following the renewal instructions found on the Attorney Admissions Membership Renewal Instructions web page. If a member fails to reapply before the expiration of the term, a brief letter explaining the lapse in membership should be submitted upon requesting renewal.

Pro Hac Vice

A lawyer who is not admitted to practice before this court may appear as attorney-in-charge for a party in a case in this court with the permission of the judge before whom the case is pending. When a lawyer who is not a member of the bar of this court first appears in a case, the lawyer shall move for leave to appear as attorney-in-charge for the client using the Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice form. No fee for admission pro hac vice is required.

District Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice form (no fee required)

Bankruptcy Motion and Order to Appear Pro Hac Vice (Adversary) (no fee required)

Bankruptcy Motion and Order to Appear Pro Hac Vice (Main Case) (no fee required)

Change of Address

Attorneys who fail to notify the clerk's office of a change of address may not receive notice of renewal dates, case hearings, trial dates or any other notice generated by the automated systems. To update your address, please log into your ECF Account, and in the Utilities Function, under Maintain Your Account, submit any changes necessary. If you do not have an ECF Account, please submit your new information in writing.