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USA v. Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay (4:04-CR-25)

This website has been established to provide current and comprehensive information about this case. Judges' chambers should not be contacted under any circumstances.

Today's Update includes select information that the court feels is presently relevant to the public; i.e., hearing dates, press and public courtroom seating arrangements, case dispositive rulings, etc.

Case Documents:

Order Setting Resentencing - 2013

Order Setting Resentencing


Order Dismissing Indictment against Defendant Kenneth Lay

Order Regarding the Right of Crime Victims to Testify at Sentencing

Contact Information:

1. The Judge is not available for any interviews.

2. Do not contact the Judge's chambers for information about the case.

3. Scheduling Issues:

Andrew Boyd, Case Manager for Judge Lake
Phone: 713-250-5514

4. Courtroom and Security Issues:

Wanda Price, Senior Inspector, U.S. Marshal
Phone: 713-718-4301

5. Copies of docket, orders, and pleadings:

Public terminals are available in the Clerk's office at each division for viewing the docket, orders, and pleadings free of charge.

Copies of the docket and documents may be obtained from:

The Office of the Clerk, by submitting a Copy Request and Search Form available online at the Southern District of Texas website, under Forms and Filing Fees. The Copy Request and Search Forms are listed by division at: Forms, Fees & Rules


Online through PACER subscription: Register on-line at:
or call toll-free 800-676-6856

6. Copies of exhibits admitted at trial:

Enron Trial Exhibits Websites:

U. S. Government
Ken Lay

7. Any other Information:

Nathan Ochsner
Chief Deputy Clerk
Phone: 713-250-5146