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Motions for Relief from Stay - Judge David R. Jones (Laredo)

Chief Bankruptcy Judge David R. Jones
Laredo Division
1300 Victoria St.
Courtroom 3C Laredo, TX 78040

August 18 2:30 PM
September 1 2:30 PM
September 15 2:30 PM
October 6 2:30 PM
November 3 2:30 PM
November 17 2:30 PM
December 8 2:30 PM
December 15 2:30 PM

a. Relief from the Stay under Section 362

1. Motions for relief from the stay shall conform with BLR 9013(h). If Movant desires to waive the requirement of a hearing within 30 days under Section 362(e), it must be stated in the caption of the pleading.

2. The caption shall be: Motion of [Movant's names] for Relief from the Stay (and waiver of Section 362(e) Requirement) if applicable.