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Bankruptcy Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Registration Information

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this Court, as well as those admitted pro hac vice, are required to register as Filing Users of the Court's Electronic Filing System. Please refer to the Administrative Procedures for the Filing, Signing, and Verifying of Documents by Electronic Means in Texas Bankruptcy Courts regarding requirements for electronic filing.

This registration form is intended for attorneys who are already admitted to practice in the Southern District of Texas or have been granted permission to appear pro hac vice. If you recently attended this Court's attorney admission workshop and completed the registration form at that time, do not submit the registration form again. You will be issued a login and password as a result of the submission at the workshop. If you were admitted without attendance at the workshop, you may complete and submit this form.

Once your registration form is received and processed by the Clerk, you will receive notification of your log-in and password.

If you have questions regarding electronic filing, helpful Computer Based Training modules may be found on the PACER website. You may also contact the ECF helpdesk by e-mail at or by phone at 713-250-5507.