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COVID-19 The Southern District of Texas

Other Deadlines and settings remain in place pending further order by each judge in specific cases or by standing order.

The Southern District of Texas courthouses otherwise remain open. Staff in the Clerk’s Office will be available by telephone, mail will be received, and intake desks remain open for filings. The public is encouraged to continue using court services while following all applicable public health guidelines.

Otherwise, all matters scheduled for an in-court appearance before a district, bankruptcy, or magistrate judge in the Southern District of Texas, including associated deadlines, REMAIN IN EFFECT pending order of the presiding judge.

This Notice does not affect any matters scheduled for hearing in the Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy Court hearings remain as scheduled.

If you are required to appear in a specific court or called as a juror in a criminal case and have COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, a fever, or are coughing or sneezing, please contact the court before appearing. The court will make reasonable accommodations and reschedule appearances and hearings as needed.

Attorneys and pro se litigants should notify the court through the case manager if COVID-19 symptoms or related travel restrictions cause either them or their clients or witnesses difficulty in appearing or meeting court deadlines. Attorneys are encouraged to appear by telephone or video for nonevidentiary hearings when possible.

The links to the District and Magistrate Judges, Bankruptcy Judges, and Juror web pages include contact information.

The situation remains fluid. The courts are committed to doing our work well, fairly, and safely for all. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will promptly post information about changes as they are needed.