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Financial Arrangements - Privately Paid Transcripts

A transcript order is not complete until financial arrangements have been made with the court reporter and/or the electronic tape recording office. The ordering party is fully responsible for any monies due for transcripts. Failure to make the proper financial arrangements will result in a delay of the order processing.

If you are ordering a transcript from a court reporter, all deposit and final payment checks "must" be made payable to the respective reporter. Checks made payable to the Clerk cannot be accepted. Please contact the reporter(s), prior to placing your order, for deposit requirements. If you are unable to contact the reporter(s), and you are submitting a DKT 13 order(s) for appeal purposes, please submit the order(s) and the reporter will contact you for financial requirements - it is imperative that you do not risk delays in filing the transcript order in accordance with appeal deadlines.

If you are ordering a transcript of electronically tape recorded proceedings, please contact that office at (713) 250-5500 for proper deposit and transcribing information, prior to placing your order. Checks must be made to the designated transcribing firm. Checks made to the Clerk cannot be accepted.