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Transcript Order Forms

Non-appeal and Appeal transcript orders must be placed on separate order forms.

Transcript orders for non-appealed cases must be ordered on form, AO 435. This is applicable to any district, magistrate, or bankruptcy case unless the case involves a Criminal Justice Act litigant. Complete items 1 thru 20.  Complete item 20 by indicating the name of the reporter or preferred transcribing service (if electronically recorded).

Transcript orders for cases that have been appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit must be ordered on an Appeal Transcript Order Form, DKT 13. Pursuant to FRAP 10(b)(1), a transcript order form must be filed within 14 days of the filing of the notice of appeal. Prepare a separate DKT 13 for each reporter from whom transcripts are ordered. All transcripts from electronic recorded proceedings may be ordered on one form. Always specify the exact dates of the proceedings to be transcribed. If a transcript is unnecessary or already on file in the Clerk's office, prepare a DKT 13 and mark the appropriate box to indicate this information. Complete only Part "I" of the form.

Transcripts ordered for Criminal Justice Act litigants must be ordered on Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcripts Form, CJA 24. Orders for Criminal Justice Act litigants appealing to the Fifth Circuit require both the DKT 13 and CJA 24. A CJA 24 should be completed for each hearing requested. ** See "financial arrangements" for more information.