United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas

Brown Medical Center, Inc.
Case 13-36405
Debtor's Proposed Hearing Agenda for 10/29/14
Doc # Title of Matter Contested/
(note if continuance
will be requested)
691 Trustee’s Motion to Compromise Controversy with North Houston Hand Center, PA and Northwest Houston Hand Center, PA Pursuant to Rule 9019 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Uncontested 5 – 10 Minutes n/a

Submitted: October 27, 2014 at 08:40:25

The preceding is a list of the matters that Debtor's counsel anticipates will be heard on the date specified, listed in the order that Debtor's counsel believes will be the most efficient way to call the matters for hearing. Pending objections are listed in the column designating objections. This list is provided for the convenience of all parties. It is not approved by the Court.

Official calendaring is done by the Court and the matters to be heard shall be determined by the Court's calendar, not by the chart provided by Debtor's counsel. Matters that are listed as uncontested or settled may proceed differently than counsel anticipates. The Court may or may not grant continuances. Unless continuances are granted in advance, counsel should be prepared to proceed with the hearing at the designated date and time. Time estimates may or may not be accurate. The Court may proceed in a different order of calling matters for hearing.

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