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Notable Cases
Enron Cases:
Recently Entered Enron Orders
United States of America v. Richard A. Causey, Jeffrey K. Skilling, Kenneth L. Lay
Criminal No. 4:04-CR-25
In Re Enron Corporation Securities, Derivative & ERISA Litigation
MDL No. 4:02-MD-1446
Newby, et al v. Enron Corporation, et al
Civil No. 4:01-CV-3624
Tittle, et al v. Enron Corporation, et al
Civil No. 4:01-CV-3913
United States of America v. Andrew S. Fastow
Criminal No. 4:02-CR-665-01
Other Cases :
State of Texas, et al v. United States of America, et al
Civil No. 1-14-CV-254
Marc Veasey, et al v. Rick Perry, et al
Civil No. 13-CV-00193
Laura Pendergest-Holt v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London
Halliburton Company Benefits Committee v. James B. Graves, et al
Civil No. 4:04-CV-280
Staley v. Harris County
Civil No. 4:03-CV-3411
Aguayo et al. v. Universal Instrument
Civil No. 4:02-CV-1747
Stroman Realty, Inc. v. Jim Antt, Jr., et al
Civil No. 4:98-CV-283
United States of America v. James Anthum Collins, et al
Criminal No. 4:98-CR-18
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Charles E. Hurwitz, et al
Civil No. 4:95-CV-3956
In re Silica Products Liability Litigation
MDL No. 2:03-MD-1553