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How do I complete the Juror Form online?

To complete the Juror Form online, select the Juror Form link, otherwise mail the completed form in the postage-paid envelope we sent you. 

How long do I serve?

You are on call for 30 working days (approximately 6 weeks). Your summons tells you the date of your first service.

To confirm whether you need to report, select the Reporting Instructions link or call 1 (800) 582-9109 after 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before your reporting date.  Have your nine-digit participant number available.  The message will give you specific instructions.  Only report to the courthouse if your message says to come. If you do not need to report, you may be given a date and time to check the message again.

If you are told to report and you are selected for a jury, your service will end when the trial ends.  If you are not selected, your service ends when the message says you are released from further service.  After that messsage no additional calls are necessary.

If you have a question, please call our jury section at (409) 766-3530 during business hours.

What if I can't be there?

You may request to be exempted or excused from service or to have your service postponed. You can either select the Postponement or Excuse Request link above or put your request in writing. You must appear unless you are notified that the Court has granted your request.

Mail requests to: United States District Court, Attn: Jury Section, P.O. Drawer 2300, Galveston, Texas, 77553.


The Court may exempt you from service if you are:

  • In active service of the armed forces of the United States.
  • A member of a fire or police department.
  • An elected official actively engaged in official duties.


The Court may excuse you from jury service if you are:

  • Not employed outside the home, having active care and custody of a child under the age of ten whose health or safety would be jeopardized by their absence for jury service; or a person who is essential to the care of the aged or infirm persons and who is not employed outside the home.
  • Have served as a grand or petit juror in federal court within the past two years.
  • Over seventy years of age.
  • A federal law enforcement agent (like agents for Postal, FBI, Customs).
  • A member of a volunteer safety organization and who works in an official capacity without compensation (fire fighters, rescue squads or ambulance crews).
  • Someone for whom the jury service would cause undue hardship or extreme inconvenience.  Medical excuses require a precise doctor's statement.


The Court may postpone your jury service. A request for postponement must show specifically why the delay is unavoidable.

Where do I report?

Report to the Clerk's Office, room number 411, on the 4th floor of the United States Post Office and Courthouse, 610 Rosenburg (25th Street). See link to location at top of page.

Do I reside in the Galveston Division?

The Galveston Division includes these counties:

Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, and Matagorda

Will I be paid?

Under Federal law you may be paid:

  • $40.00 each day you come to the courthouse;
  • $.56 cents for each mile driven on the shortest practical route to and from the court;
  • $147.00 subsistence rate for hotel lodging may be allowed if you live over fifty (50) miles from the courthouse, and you must stay overnight to attend court (you must attach the lodging hotel receipt to the form);
  • Other expenses including road tolls, parking and public transportation.