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Post-Judgment Interest Rates - 2014

To find the applicable interest rate, select the week preceding the date of judgment (or the date interest would otherwise apply). If your judgment date is the same as the release date, you should select the prior week's release, as the releases are considered to be issued at the close of the business on the date of release.


Week Ending Rate (%) Week Ending Rate (%) Week Ending Rate (%) Week Ending Rate (%)
3-Jan-14 0.13 4-Apr-14 0.12 4-Jul-14   3-Oct-14  
10-Jan-14 0.13 11-Apr-14 0.10 11-Jul-14   10-Oct-14  
17-Jan-14 0.11 18-Apr-14 0.11 18-Jul-14   17-Oct-14  
24-Jan-14 0.11 25-Apr-14   25-Jul-14   24-Oct-14  
31-Jan-14 0.11 2-May-14   1-Aug-14   31-Oct-14  
7-Feb-14 0.12 9-May-14   8-Aug-14   7-Nov-14  
14-Feb-14 0.12 16-May-14   15-Aug-14   14-Nov-14  
21-Feb-14 0.12 23-May-14   22-Aug-14   21-Nov-14  
28-Feb-14 0.11 30-May-14   29-Aug-14   28-Nov-14  
7-Mar-14 0.12 6-Jun-14   5-Sep-14   5-Dec-14  
14-Mar-14 0.12 13-Jun-14   12-Sep-14   12-Dec-14  
21-Mar-14 0.14 20-Jun-14   19-Sep-14   19-Dec-14  
28-Mar-14 0.13 27-Jun-14   26-Sep-14   26-Dec-14