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Application for Admission to Corpus Christi Division CJA Panel


Application Deadline: December 15, 2011
Electronic Submission Required

The Criminal Justice Act Plan for the Corpus Christi Division of the Southern District of Texas requires that a new panel of CJA attorneys be established every three years. Approximately 100 attorneys who are eligible and willing to be appointed under the Criminal Justice Act to provide representation to defendants who cannot afford counsel will be selected.

All attorneys seeking CJA appointments in Corpus Christi must submit an application and be approved for CJA appointments, regardless of previous service. While previous membership on the CJA panel may be considered, it is not a guarantee of future membership. To facilitate the transition, however, attorneys currently on the Panel will continue to receive appointments until January 1, 2012, or until the new Panel is appointed. The Panel Selection Committee will meet to consider applications in early January 2012. Please submit your application on or before December 15, 2011, if you wish to receive appointments after January 1, 2012. Applications submitted after December 15, 2011 will be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Panel Selection Committee.

Attorneys who serve on the CJA Panel must be members in good standing of the Southern District of Texas, and have demonstrated experience in, and knowledge of federal practice and procedure. We are looking for attorneys with a commitment to representing individuals who are unable to afford adequate representation in the defense of federal criminal cases both at trial and on appeal. Trial attorneys must have an office located within the geographic boundaries of the Corpus Christi Division. Appellate attorneys need not have an office in the Corpus Christi Division, but must be admitted to practice before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and must be on the CJA federal appellate panel in their home district/division. Depending on the number of applications, appellate attorneys practicing in the Southern District of Texas may be given priority over applicants from other federal districts.

CJA Rates

Online Application

Instructions for Completing Application

If you have difficulty accessing or completing the application, please contact Marianne Serpa or Sondra Scotch with the Clerk’s Office for the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, by phone at (361)888-3142, or by e-mail: Marianne_Serpa@txs.uscourts.gov or Sondra_Scotch@txs.uscourts.gov.

If you only have Adobe Acrobat Reader you will need to fill out and print out the completed form and email it to Marianne_Serpa@txs.uscourts.gov or Sondra_Scotch@txs.uscourts.gov or fax it to (361) 888-3433.

If you have questions about the application or selection process, you may contact any of the following committee members:

1. Magistrate Judge Janice Ellington
  Phone: (361) 888-3291
  E-Mail: Janice_Ellington@txs.uscourts.gov
2. Magistrate Judge Jason Libby
  Phone: (361) 888-3550
  E-Mail: Jason Libby@txs.uscourts.gov
3. Attorney Alfred H. Montelongo
  Phone: (361) 855-4300
  E-Mail: montelongolaw@gmail.com
4. Attorney Richard W. Rogers III
  Phone: (361) 888-7620
  E-Mail: rwrogersiii@aol.com
5. Attorney Joseph Ronald Barroso
  Phone: (361) 994-7200
  E-Mail: rbarrosolaw@interconnect.net