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Instructions for Court Appearance by Telephone
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Court appearances by telephone for out-of-town counsel and/or parties is sometimes permitted via the Meet-Me-Line (713-250-5246). Prior permission to use this line must be requested at least two business days before the hearing. To obtain permission, e-mail a request to Courtroom Deputy, Berdine Carter at cmA580d@txs.uscourts.gov. In the case of an emergency hearing set with less than 2 days notice, the e-mail must be sent as soon as notice of the hearing is received. On the day of the hearing, the call to Meet-Me-Line must be made five minutes prior to the start of the hearing. Testimony and examination of witnesses is not permitted by telephone appearance. A request to appear by telephone at a hearing must include:

1. Case name and case number;
2. Date and time of hearing;
3. Name of person who will appear by telephone;

a. If the person is an attorney, identify the client
b. If the person is not an attorney, state the person's relationship to the case

4. Docket number(s) of issue(s) on which that party wants to be heard.