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Bankruptcy Court
08/18/14 Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Appellate, Bankruptcy, Civil and Criminal Procedure
07/10/14 Bankruptcy Court adopts changes to the Standard and Non-Standard Fixed Fee Agreement forms - increasing the fee for filing a motion to modify the plan from $450 to $600.
05/28/14 Bankruptcy Fee Increases Effective June 1, 2014
04/25/14 Court opinions available on the Government Printing Office website
02/03/14 District Court Local Rules Amended - Effective January 31, 2014
07/10/13 Debtors in bankruptcy cases may now register to receive email notice in their cases
05/24/12 Order of Reference to Bankruptcy Judges (District Court General Order 2012-6)
03/04/09 Under Judicial Conference Policy, parties are responsible for redacting from transcripts filed with the Bankruptcy Court, information protected by the E-Government Act of 2002 and Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9037, effective March 9, 2009
06/19/08 Warning: Parties must redact protected information from transcripts and other civil, criminal, and bankruptcy papers
03/15/07 Mandatory Electronic Filing in Bankruptcy Court, effective March 12, 2007 (General Order 2007-1)
Forms, Fees & Rules Judges' Procedures & Schedules
Filing for Bankruptcy without an Attorney Selected Opinions
Bankruptcy Basics - Fundamentos del Proceso de Quiebra General Orders
Bankruptcy Electronic Case Filing (ECF)
Live Bankruptcy CM/ECF Administrative Procedures
Training Bankruptcy CM/ECF Bankruptcy CM/ECF Registration
Bankruptcy PACER (records) Registration Form for Creditors
PACER Account Information (800)-676-6856 Registration Form for Financial Management Course Providers
Filing Fee Payment On-line (Pay.Gov) Bankruptcy Electronic Filing FAQ
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National Creditor Registration Service Privately Funded Seminars Disclosure by Judge
Unclaimed Funds Bankruptcy Fraud Hotline
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